Fine Early 18th Century Walnut Bachelors

An extremely rare George I Walnut Bachelors Chest of good colour and patina with original handles and hinges. This is a wonderful example with good clean oak linings, original veneers and feather banding. Quite remarkably the handles retain most of there original gilding, it is interesting to note that although the chest has been made in the George I manner the handles are more associated with the Queen Anne period, it is possible that this is a transitional piece. There is a similar chest from the same period as this one at Beningbrough Hall a National Trust property near York which also has lip moulded drawers that are typical of the period, this one too has Queen Anne handles. It has been well documented over the last century in various books that these chests are rare and highly sort after by collectors of Walnut and connoisseurs alike. One of the most famous Walnut collectors of recent times John Parry actually had five Walnut Bachelors Chests at the time of his last sale at Christies in March 2010, the most expensive of these made an incredible £91,250. In the 54 years that my farther has spent in the business he has bought and sold examples from different periods and also seen many fakes and badly restored ones. This example is particularly rare being in such good original condition and retaining the original handles and hinges.

Price £28,000


76cm  high, 72cm wide,  33cm deep

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Fine Early 18th Century Walnut Chest Of Drawers Of Small Proportions

A fine and early 18th Century George II Walnut chest of drawers of outstanding colour with caddy top in untouched original condition retaining the original gilt handles and locks. Two back feet replaced some time ago. The quarter veneered top with fine feather banding matching the drawer fronts. The clean original linings are in fruitwood. This is a rare piece of English Walnut and it is a real collecters piece.

Price £16,000 SOLD

Dimensions 83cm high 75cm wide 50cm deep

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Small Early 18th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers

A lovely George I Oak chest of drawers of small proportions with brushing slide. The Chest has good colour and patina with good clean original oak linings, it has the original handles and escutcheons.

Price £1,800

George 1st Walnut Chest Of Drawers Of Small Proportions

A fine and rare George 1st Walnut chest of drawers of small proportions with brushing slide, having good colour and
highly figured original veneers throughout with only miner repairs. The Chest has extremely clean Oak drawer linings with original locks and original running strips. The feet are mostly original with a few repairs, the back boards are also original. The feather banding is particularly fine, another most unusual feature is the edition of a fine box wood bead applied to the base mould and front feet.

Price £8,500 SOLD


Height = 72 cm (28.3″)
Width = 76 cm (29.9″)
Depth = 48 cm (18.9″)

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Early 18th Century Walnut Chest Of Drawers

A lovely early 18th Century Walnut Chest of Drawers of relatively small proportions and well figured matched veneers with box wood stringing and original handles with two new drops on the bottom drawer. The feet are partly original.

Price £2600 SOLD

Dimensions: 89cm high x 90cm wide x 53cm deep

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A rare early 18th Century George II red Walnut chest of drawers with original handles and fluted quartered columns Standing on Ogee bracket feet that are for the most part original. The colour and condition of this wonderfully proportioned piece is outstanding. It is interesting to note that the base of the columns along with the capitals were originally gilded, traces of which can still be seen. The original drawer linings made in Oak are in good clean condition. A great friend of my Fathers and a real expert in period English furniture Bernard Dickinson used to refer to this type of chest as a little Gentleman.

Price £4,200 SOLD
Height = 80 cm (32″)
Width = 90 cm (36″)
Depth = 46 cm (18″)

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A lovely early 18th-century Walnut chest of drawers having caddy top with matched veneers and Ash feather banding and original pine ends. The feet remarkably at this period are original. The colour is Superb and the original elm linings are incredibly clean.

Price £2800 SOLD


Fine 18th Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers

A Fine Quality Chippendale period chest of drawers of superb colour. The one piece veneered top above two short and three long drawers standing on Ogee bracket feet ,the outstanding original handles are of the very best quality. The locks are also original. There is a signature on the underneath of the chest we believe to have been done when the chest was made , probably by the cabinet maker.

Price £2,200 SOLD

Dimensions: 87cm high, 95cm wide, 53cm deep

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A fine and very well proportioned early 18th Century Oak Chest on Stand fitted with a secretaire drawer. It is in wonderful original condition, retaining all the original handles and legs. The chest is a nice honey colour.

Price £2,600 Sold

Height = 163 cm (64″)
Width = 101 cm (40″)
Depth = 55 cm (22″)


DSC_0013 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0025


Small 18th Century Mahogany chest of Drawers

A Charming and rare 18th century Mahogany chest with brushing slide of superb rich warm colour and patina. The handles and wonderfully shaped bracket feet are original to the piece. remarkably the brushing slide retains its original green base and brass studs.
30″ wide
18″ deep
32″ high

Price £2,800 SOLD

DSC_0030 DSC_0031 DSC_0042 DSC_0041

18th Century Mahogany Chest Of Drawers

A Lovely 18th Century Plum Pudding Mahogany Chest Of Drawers.
Oak lined, Retaining Quality original handles and standing on the original shaped bracket feet. Good colour and patina.

37″ wide
20″ deep
35″ high

Price £1,450

DSC_0023 DSC_0029 m chest

Fine 18th Century Mahogany and Kingwood Banded Chest

A superb quality 18th century Mahogany chest of drawers of small proportions with Kingwood banding and a fine boxwood stringing. Retaining the original handles ,feet and locks. The colour and condition of the piece is wonderful. It is interesting to note that as with many of the better quality pieces of the period the Mahogany veneer of the finest quality has been veneered on a mahogany ground work.

32″ 1/2 ” wide
19″ 1/2″ deep
31″ 1/2″  high

Price £3,000 SOLD

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18th Century Walnut Chest Of Drawers

A fine and rare small George 1st Burr Walnut chest of drawers of good colour and patina with caddy top and brushing slide. Good clean original oak linnings throughout. Handles replaced in keeping with the period.

29″ 1/2  wide
18″ 1/2  deep
30″ 1/2  high

Price £6,500 SOLD

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Small 18th Century Mahogany Chest OF Drawers

A wonderful small 18th century chest of drawers with brushing slide retaining its original handles and locks, of superb colour and patina. Oak lined and Standing on its original bracket feet.  It is worth noting the quality and condition of the chest which extends to the back that is nicely paneled.
29.05″ wide

Price £3,800 Sold

DSC_0151 DSC_0154 DSC_0155 DSC_0156 DSC_0158 DSC_0159

William and Mary Walnut Chest

A Fine 17th Century William and Mary Figured Walnut chest of drawers of lovely warm Colour and patina. Handles replaced some time ago in keeping with the period as are the bun feet. The original pine linings are in good clean condition.

37″ wide
21″ deep
36″ high

Price £3800DSC_0001 DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0008 DSC_0010 DSC_0013

16th Century Nonsuch Chest

A Rare 16th Century Nonsuch chest in remarkably original condition.
The chest is of dovetail construction using highly figured oak all cleanly planed except for the underneath which has been left showing the original riving of the timber. The top is battoned on the sides and front allowing the lid to fit over the chest itself. The top and ends are panelled out with a squared dark and light wood inlay enclosed in light stringing. The caring handles are original except for one back plate and two fixing snipes. The front is completely covered in parquetry using predominately light and dark woods. There are two inlaid pediments, below which are inlaid arched panels supported by columns and moulded capitals, all enclosed with a bead and spindle inlay. The centre panels are inlaid with towers depicting the central tower of the nonsuch palace, the whole enclosed with elaborate borders of checker work. The base of the chest is finished with a bead and go shaped Oak mold. A plinth has been made probably in the 18th century on which the chest now sits. It can easily be removed. The tinned hinges are original as we believe is the lock although it has been altered. Percy Macquoid in his book, A History Of English Furniture, States {on opening the lid the original tinned hinges can be seen}. Page 127.
For similar chests see page 42-43 , Plates 47-48 in Early English Furniture, By Cescinsky and Gribble,
due to striking similarities in these chests it is highly likely they were made in the same workshop. Most likely by immigrant  German workers who settled in southwork , London.

The Palace of nonsuch, at Cheam in Surry was built by Henry V111 and was regarded as one of the wonders of England. Built from the designs the Italian painter and architect Toto del Nunziata who lived over twenty years in England. in 1555 the Earl of Anundel purchased the palace, then in 1591 sold it to Queen Elizabeth, who it is said when in residence- was excellently disposed to hunting, for every second day she is on horseback and continues the sport long. Nonesuch remained in the possession of royalty until 1670 when Charles 11 presented it to his mistress Barbra Palmer who then proceeded to have the place demolished ,selling off the materials. A water colour painting by Joris Hoefnagle dated 1582 shows the three towers with onion shaped cupolas such are represented in the panels of nonsuch chests. This is some evidence to suggest the English origins of these chests. There is also an engraving from [Paul Hentzners travels] which is probably the one which enspired Furniture makers of the time. The towers in this chest are of the central tower of the Palace.

Price £12000

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Walnut Bachelors Chest

A Burr Walnut William and Mary style Bachelors Chest.
Basically a cut down 17th century chest of drawers, with very good burr walnut matched veneers.

31″ wide
14″ deep
30″ high

Price £2300 SOLD


Oak Chest Of Drawers SOLD

Gorge 1st chest of drawers in highly figured Oak of pleasing small proportions. Retaining nicely shaped original bracket feet. Handles replaced in keeping with the period.
30″ wide
18″ deep
31″ high

Price £1950 SOLD

DSC_0046 DSC_0055 DSC_0057 DSC_0064 DSC_0063 DSC_0060 DSC_0058 DSC_0052

Mahogany Tallboy

18th century Mahogany Tallboy of nice proportions. In Good original condition. Having good quality figured Mahogany veneers, Original handles, canted fluted corners, original feet and the original grained pine ends.

41″ wide

Price £1950  SoldDSC_0130 copy DSC_0132 DSC_0133 DSC_0135 DSC_0137 DSC_0139


Early 18th Century Oak Chest

A remarkably clean early 18th century chest of Drawers in very good original condition, retaining original handles and locks.
Wonderful rich warm colour. Feet replaced.

circa 1705

39″ wide
23″ deep
37″ High

Price £1600

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