Westmorland Mule Kist

Excellent example of a Westmorland coffer, made in english Oak.
Dated 1707 and initialed R A, note the stylized carving of the number one typical of lake-land carving of this early period. The interlaced panels of Celtic origin are detailed and well executed. As is so often the case with westmorland furniture each of the panels depict a different patten. It is also worth noting the fine punch work on this piece that forms the background to the carving. The colour and condition of the coffer is wonderful. Retaining its original butterfly hinges although one has been repaired at some stage. The construction of the coffer is very good using a strong section of timber, even the back has been nicely paneled out.

32″ wide
19″ deep
30″ high

Price £1950 SOLD

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