Exceptional 18th Century Chippendale Mahogany Side Chair

An exceptionally fine 18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Side chair of superb colour and patina. The top rail crisply carved with scrolling leaf work and flowers, with finely carved tassel dropping from the centre. The superbly shaped pierced and carved interlaced splat flanked with roses. The well drawn cabriole legs are finely carved with an abundance of scrolls and curling leafs, terminating with a claw and ball foot. The carving extends from the shaped ear pieces at the top of the legs across the bottom of the front rail in a fine flower and ribbon pattern with punchwork to the background.
Remarkably the ear pieces are all original, there is one small repair to the left hand side of the splat. The chair otherwise is in wonderful original condition.
A masterpiece from the pinnacle of the English chair making tradition. Circa 1760
There is a similar although less sophisticated example in ‘The Age Of Mahogany’ by Percy Macquiod. see images.

DSC_0427 DSC_0440 6659c70f-7072-49c0-af2b-7eade3d9d90a

Dressing Chest With Fitted Drawer

A fine and rare 18th Century Mahogany Dressing Chest of small proportions, of exceptional quality in superb original condition. The solid mahogany top joined to the ends with a sliding dovetail and then veneered in highly figured Mahogany matching that of the drawer fronts also veneered on a mahogany groundwork. The shaped ogee bracket feet, handles and brass locks are all original, there is a key that works them all. The top drawer is fitted with an arrangement of small compartments, and detachable finely made boxes. To the centre there is a mirror retaining the original glass plate, fitted with a ratchet. The drawer linings made in Oak are in good clean condition. The chest is a wonderful rich warm colour, it really glows.

Price £6,500


Height = 81 cm (31.9″)
Width = 80 cm (31.5″)
Depth = 52 cm (20.5″)

DSC_0374 DSC_0403 DSC_0398

18th Century Mahogany Drop Leaf Table

A large, fine quality 18th Century Mahogany drop leaf table of good colour. In remarkable original condition, retaining all the original hinges. The three solid mahogany boards that the top is constructed from have remained flat, the table joint is extremely good with no damage to the rule joint. All the original rails are present and the original knuckle joint that swings the gate is working well. The table stands tall on the original pad feet with no patches or replacements. The edge of the table is perfectly shaped and the surface to the edge is absolutely spot on.
The table will seat eight people.

Price £2,400


Height = 71 cm (28.0″)
Width = 141 cm (55.5″)
Depth = 138 cm (54.3″)

DSC_0294 DSC_0307 DSC_0311

Small 18th Century Mahogany Chest Of Drawers

A rare mid 18th Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers of small proportions having Superb rich warm colour and patina. The handles are original and have developed a wonderful skin around them over the years, just as we like to see. The feet are mostly original with some minor repairs. The drawer linings are good clean and original, made in oak. The Chest is made from the finest quality Mahogany and as you might expect it is remarkably heavy for its small size. The piece lived in the house of a professor in Cambridge for many years where it was obviously well cared for and never stripped back and refinished as so many pieces have been. Circa 1760.

Price £2,800 SOLD


Height = 86 cm (33.9″)
Width = 79 cm (31.1″)
Depth = 45 cm (17.7″)

DSC_0242 DSC_0268

17th Century Yorkshire Child’s High Chair

A rare and wonderful 17th Century Charles II Yorkshire Child’s High Chair of fabulous Colour. The shaped crest above carved guilloche flanked by scroll’s to the top of the back legs, the botanical carved back panel having tulip to the centre, the front seat rail carved with lunettes. Now lacking some height but otherwise in remarkable original condition, with untouched pegs and perfect colour and surface. the seat and the foot board are both original with clean dry untouched underneath surface. The Chair is of the superior stepped construction with the bottom rails coming past the seat rail and tenoning into the legs to form support for the foot board. Examples of this type of stepped construction are very rare. There is however a Yorkshire example in Victor Chinnery’s book ‘Oak Furniture The British Tradition’. Interestingly my father remembers having lunch with Chinnery many years ago when he was still collecting the images and information for this book. Another example with repairs can be found in the V&A museum.
A Yorkshire example from the collection of the Earl Of Perth with similar crest but not however of stepped construction, sold at Christie’s Interiors sale on the 24th of May 2017, lot 133.
My father very much a no nonsense Yorkshire man, has been in the business 55 years, upon seeing the chair he promptly announced “I don’t need to look twice at it, its a gem”.

Price £4,800


Height = 94 cm (37.0″)
Width = 41 cm (16.1″)
Depth = 40 cm (15.7″)

DSC_0273 DSC_0276 DSC_0277

Early 18th Century Elm Chair

Early 18th Century Elm side Chair of exceptional colour and condition, of rare from with a turned stretcher that quite remarkably runs from the bottom back rail to the inside of the front seat rail. This is a feature we have never seen before.

Price £1,050


Height = 98 cm (38.6″)
Width = 54 cm (21.3″)
Depth = 44 cm (17.3″)


A Pair Of Early 18th Century Walnut Side Chairs

A wonderful pair of George I Walnut Side Chairs of outstanding colour and patina with superbly shaped backs. The cabriole legs with carved V shape to the knees, this type of carving is often seen on fine quality chairs from this early period. The turned stretchers to the base are another early feature. The splat is pierced to the top in the shape of a tulip, a popular motif of the period. The exceptional colour and original condition of these chairs make them special.

Price £3,800 SOLD


Height = 107 cm (42.1″)
Width = 54 cm (21.3″)
Depth = 44 cm (17.3″)

DSC_0175 DSC_0193


Early 18th Century Walnut Lowboy

Early 18th Century Walnut Lowboy of small proportions, good colour and patina, in excellent original condition, retaining the original handles. The top is four piece matched Walnut with double feather banding, cross banding and nicely rounded corner to the edge. The Oak linings are all clean and original just as we like to see them.

£3,300 SOLD


Height = 70 cm (27.6″)
Width = 76 cm (29.9″)
Depth = 50 cm (19.7″)

DSC_0138 DSC_0155 DSC_0150



17th Century Marquetry Chest On Stand

A fabulous and rare 17th Century Walnut and Marquetry Chest On Stand. The quality of the Marquetry work, especially the top, is superb and was obviously cut by the hand of a Master Craftsman of the highest order. It would be difficult to speculate regarding the maker, however we can say with some certainty that he would have been making furniture that adorned some of the finest houses of the period. The colour, patina and condition is very good, the drawer linings are original and made in pine. The legs, replaced later are absolutely correct for the period, they have now developed a good rich colour matching the rest of the piece. The more you stare at the finely cut marquetry in the top the more you start to see, birds and beasts in strikingly different woods are revealed.

£18,500 SOLD


Height = 130 cm (51.2″)
Width = 106 cm (41.7″)
Depth = 58 cm (22.8″)

DSC_0106_edit DSC_0121

17th Century Dated Oak Box

A rare 17th Century Oak Box of good rich colour dated 1664 and initialed M H. The carving J A 84 has been added at a later date, the drawers to the interior have been replaced at some stage. A couple of the back and bottom boards seem to have been made from reused timber at the time of construction.



Height = 30 cm (11.8″)
Width = 69 cm (27.2″)
Depth = 46 cm (18.1″)

DSC_0022 DSC_0018

Early 18th Century Dated Oak Box

A nice early 18th Century Oak Box of very good colour from the Through of Bowland. Dated 1705 and initialed I H, with the original butterfly hinges, one bottom board replaced many years ago. The carving is typical of the of the region with its punch work and incised scrolls. A most unusual feature to the nicely crafted one piece hinged lid is the jimped decoration not only to the top sides of the edge but the underneath also.



Height = 60 cm (23.6″)
Width = 49 cm (19.3″)
Depth = 30 cm (11.8″)


18th Century Oak Lowboy

A fine 18th Century Oak Lowboy with well shaped cabriole legs and nicely carved beak foot, in superb original condition retaining the original handles. The drawers and top are inlaid with a Walnut cross banding, the edge of the top is moulded with a quadrant bead and has nicely worked carved rounded corners. The Oak drawer linings are in very good clean original condition just as we like to see them.


DSC_1421 DSC_0007


Fine Pair Of Early 18th Century Mahogany Side Chairs

A fine and rare pair of George I Mahogany side Chairs of good colour and patina. Superbly shaped with boldly carved acanthus leaves centred with a flower to the knee of the cabriole legs, a real masterclass in English Chair making. The flowing lines of the back legs and seat rails are very impressive on the eye. Made from the finest quality Mahogany.
The drop in Seat cushions have been newly upholstered, made ready for a final covering of choice material. Circa 1725



Height = 98 cm (38.6″)
Width = 56 cm (22.0″)
Depth = 41 cm (16.1″)

 DSC_1221 DSC_1251 DSC_1257

Large 18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Armchair

A Fine large 18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Armchair of good colour, with well shaped and finely carved back. Made from the finest Cuban Mahogany the Chair is very heavy as you would expect.
Price £1,800


Height = 96 cm (37.8″)
Width = 62 cm (24.4″)
Depth = 53 cm (20.9″)

DSC_1055 DSC_1064 DSC_1066

18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Chair

A quality 18th Century Chippendale Cuban Mahogany Armchair of superb colour with drop in seat. The well shaped carved arms mirroring the finely carved bead worked on the top rail and uprights surrounding the shaped splat on the chair back. There is also a fine bead applied with the moulding plane to the top of the seat rails and front legs. The Chairs design is simple and elegant, it really flows. In completely original condition even retaining the original shaped blocks to the inside of the seat rails.

Price £1,600


Height = 83 cm (32.7″)
Width = 62 cm (24.4″)
Depth = 49 cm (19.3″)

DSC_1075 DSC_1083 DSC_1086


18th Century Mahogany Chest On Chest

Fabulous 18th Century Chest On Chest with original handles, locks, escutcheons ,superbly figured veneers, very good colour and patina in excellent original condition. The Original Oak drawer linings are very clean just as we like to see them. The original feet quite remarkably are made from cross grained mahogany as is the base mould. This is a very unusual example having a rare drawer formation with twelve drawers in all. Circa 1745
Price £3,600


Height = 185 cm (72.8″)
Width = 108 cm (42.5″)
Depth = 52 cm (20.5″)

DSC_0775 DSC_0781 DSC_0777

18th Century Red Walnut Chest On Stand

A rare early 18th Century Solid Red Walnut Chest On Stand of good colour in very original condition with Walnut cross banding to the drawers and the original cabriole legs with carved feet. The handles are good period examples, we believe they have been replaced shortly after the piece was made as they are of the correct period with a patina surrounding them that you would not get if the handles were replaced later in the life of the piece. Looking at the small holes to the inside of the drawers we can see that the first handles fitted were of the weaker snipe fastening type and we believe
they may have been too weak for the large drawers so were replaced with the stronger nut and bolt type. Circa 1730.

Price £3,200


Height = 176 cm (69.3″)
Width = 109 cm (42.9″)
Depth = 59 cm (23.2″)

DSC_0704 DSC_0710

18th Century Mahogany Chest Of Drawers

A very good early example of an 18th Century George II solid Cuban Mahogany chest of drawers of superb colour and patina with wonderful clean original Oak drawer linings. One piece solid Mahogany top, the handles are original. Feet original apart from one back foot replaced in the correct manner.

Price £1600


Height = 80 cm (31.5″)
Width = 93 cm (36.6″)
Depth = 49 cm (19.3″)

DSC_0676 DSC_0687 DSC_0696

Early 19th Century Yew Wood Childs Windsor Chair

A rare early 19th Century Yew Wood Childs Windsor Chair of fabulous colour with crinoline stretcher in original condition.

Price £950


Height = 78 cm (30.7″)
Width = 45 cm (17.7″)
Depth = 32 cm (12.6″)


Early 18th Century Oak Chest Of Drawers

Early 18th Century Oak Chest of Drawers of good colour and small proportions in superb original condition retaining the original Queen Anne handles with chased back plates. The original oak drawer linings are exceptionally clean with original runners to the bottom. The chest has obviously been well cared for over the years and without heavy usage judging by the lack of wear to the drawer linings. The feet are original with some old repairs.

Price £1750


Height = 96 cm (37.8″)
Width = 89 cm (35.0″)
Depth = 48 cm (18.9″)

DSC_0541 DSC_0558 DSC_0549