A Fine 18th Century Mahogany Wash Stand

A very fine quality 18th Century Mahogany Wash Stand in very good original order and of super colour and patina. Having well figured matched Mahogany veneers with wonderful shaped and pierced stretcher. The top opening to reveal a Mirror with a fitted brass ratchet.
Superb example of period country house furniture.

Price £ 900


Height = 87 cm (34.3″)
Width = 42 cm (16.5″)
Depth = 37 cm (14.6″)

DSC_0194 DSC_0200 DSC_0206 DSC_0204

Small 18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Mirror

A very pretty 18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Mirror of pleasing rare small proportions, in good original condition and of lovely colour.
Having very nicely shaped fret work, applied cross grain ogee moulding and gesso gilt slip.
The Mirror plate is replaced. Circa 1765

Price £1,150


Height = 67 cm (26.4″)
Width = 28 cm (11.0″)
Depth = 2.5 cm (1.0″)

DSC_0137 DSC_0141

Early 18th Century Oak Lowboy

Fine early 18th Century Oak Lowboy of wonderful rich warm colour and patina, in superb original condition.
Retaining the original handles and lock, and all shaped ear pieces. Having good clean Oak drawer linings and particularly well shaped apron. Circa 1730

Price £2,200


Height = 70 cm (27.6″)
Width = 77 cm (30.3″)
Depth = 48 cm (18.9″)

DSC_0312 DSC_0329 DSC_0318 DSC_0320

18th Century Welsh Oak Dresser

A superb mid 18th Century Welsh Oak dresser of fabulous colour & patina, in good original condition, only the two middle shelves to the interior of the doors are replaced. The handles are not original but are fitted neatly through the same holes, the door hinges are original. Having a solid and well shaped rack with wonderful thick Oak back boards and shaped carved fielded panels to the doors. The drawer linings are made in Elm and Fruitwood. Circa 1760

Price £5,800


Height = 199 cm (78.3″)
Width = 168 cm (66.1″)
Depth = 52 cm (20.5″)

Rare George II Mahogany Side Chair

A rare and quite extraordinary early 18th Century George II Mahogany Chair of westernised Chinese design.
In good solid original condition and having good colour and patina. The splat is pierced and carved with intricate interwoven pattern. The leg is of bold proportions having a well carved knee, the feet deeply carved with a nicely executed claw & ball foot that really grips the ball. The top of the leg rounded to form an extremely curved seat rail, that is pleasing on the eye. In fact so much wood was removed that the seat rail is not mortised & tenoned as is the norm, but instead extraordinarily the rails are strengthened with lengths of oak and the corners blocked, glued and nailed. We have never seen this construction before on an English Chair and we believe it is likely that the Chair was made aboard probably in China for export to England.

Price £1,900 Sold.


Height = 99 cm (39.0″)
Width = 56 cm (22.0″)
Depth = 50 cm (19.7″)

DSC_0112 DSC_0123 DSC_0128

17th Century Oak & Inlaid Leeds Coffer

An outstanding 17th Century Oak & Inlaid Leeds Coffer in fabulous clean original condition. Retaining the most extraordinary original ring hinges of large size, wonderful clean drawer linings, interior and back. Having almost all of the superb original marquetry and inlaid banding still in place. The piece has obviously been well cared for over the years and was probably in Calydon House in Buckinghamshire for many years. It is thought that the Coffer was the property of Lady Verney who donated Claydon House to the National Trust in 1956.
The piece is of particularly large size and of solid construction with good thick top boards, it is one of the best examples we’ve seen. The whole front carved with strap work and the stiles with typical grape and vine, the inlaid marquetry panels in contrasting bog Oak and Holly depicting Carnations, tulips and scrolling foliage.
Of further interest regarding this piece are the keys that work the locks, they are 18th Century and have the name Samuel Gale stamped on the metal work attached to the decorated period key ring.
It is possible that the chest at some stage belonged to Samuel Gale a founder member of the Society of Antiquaries and a godson of Samuel Pepys.

Price £16,000


Height = 100 cm (39.4″)
Width = 139 cm (54.7″)
Depth = 54 cm (21.3″)

DSC_0212 DSC_0218 DSC_0239 DSC_0249 DSC_0245

A Rare Pair Of 17th Century Oak Lancashire Chairs

A lovely pair of 17th Century Oak Lancashire Chairs of very good colour and in nice original condition with original seats, and standing tall on the original feet.
Having botanical carved panels and crest with the typical pyramid finial carved to the top of the back legs. Strengthening pieces have been neatly fitted at the back of one of the chairs at some stage.
A very similar example sold at Bonhams in the ( Fine Oak Furniture Sale on the 3rd of October 2007 lot 476 )

Price £2,800 Sold


Height = 106 cm (41.7″)
Width = 48 cm (18.9″)
Depth = 38 cm (15.0″)

DSC_0087 DSC_0104 DSC_0095

18th Century Elm Country Armchair

A well drawn 18th Century figured Elm Country Armchair of superb glowing colour and patina, in fabulous original condition. Having unusually tall back, nicely fretted splat and the most wonderful bold supports to the arms.
A very interesting country chair of rare form in remarkably solid condition.

Price £1,800


Height = 116 cm (45.7″)
Width = 61 cm (24.0″)
Depth = 44 cm (17.3″)

DSC_0238 DSC_0244 DSC_0254

Small 18th Century Mahogany Tea Table

A fine and well drawn mid 18th Century Mahogany Tea Table of superb colour, in wonderful original condition with original handle and hinges. Having stripy veneers to the apron, and Standing on elegant cabriole legs. The top opening to reveal two wonderful matched boards of Mahogany.

Price £2,600


Height = 71 cm (28.0″)
Width = 86 cm (33.9″)
Depth = 41 cm (16.1″)

DSC_0212 DSC_0213 DSC_0235

Rare 18th Century Elm Footstool

A Rare mid 18th Century Elm Footstool of wonderful glowing colour with nicely shaped cabriole legs and pad foot.

Price £1,800 Sold


Height = 38 cm (15.0″)
Width = 47 cm (18.5″)
Depth = 42 cm (16.5″)

DSC_0076 DSC_0073 DSC_0077

Early 18th Century Burr Walnut Tallboy

A George I Burr walnut Tallboy with wonderfully figured Burr Walnut veneers, having canted fluted corners and brushing slide. Upon close inspection we have found that this piece is a marriage although it is almost impossible to to know this without close inspection of the construction of the drawer linings. The Burr veneers, herring bone, cross banding and lip mould to the drawer fronts appear to be the same on the top and base section, the colour also matches perfectly which suggests that the piece has lived together for quite some time. Some would say a marriage made in heaven, Its certainly a wonderful looking piece of Furniture for half the price you may expect to pay for one of this quality with these striking veneers.

Price £5,800


Height = 184 cm (72.4″)
Width = 106 cm (41.7″)
Depth = 53 cm (20.9″)

DSC_0044 DSC_0048 DSC_0063

Fine 18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Mirror

A true 18th Century Mahogany Chippendale Mirror of excellent colour with carved Ho Ho Bird to the crest and gilt-slip, having well shaped and neatly fretted edges as all period ones are in general.
In Very good original condition apart from the glass plate which is replaced. The back in good dry untouched condition and mirror plate is now without blemishes. Circa 1760

Price £1,200


Height = 70 cm (27.6″)
Width = 41 cm (16.1″)
Depth = 3 cm (1.2″)

DSC_0144 DSC_0149

Fine 18th Century Mahogany Dumb Waiter

A fine 18th Century Mahogany Dumb Waiter of excellent colour, with tray tops above turned and twist carved stems. The piece is in very good original condition retaining the original casters and even the original working threads that join the tiers together.

Price £1,900


Height = 108 cm (42.5″)
Width = 61 cm (24.0″)
Depth = 61 cm (24.0″)

DSC_0173 DSC_0178 DSC_0194

Fine 17th Century Olive Wood Lace Box

A rare and fine William & Mary Olive wood lace box of very nice colour, and in good original condition.
Having cross grained mouldings to the top and base, with Olive wood oyster veneers and Geometric boxwood stringing and banding. The Inside of the lid is fitted with a mirror.

Price £3,200


Height = 13 cm (5.1″)
Width = 49 cm (19.3″)
Depth = 36 cm (14.2″)

DSC_0197 DSC_0209 DSC_0204

Fine 18th Century Mahogany Bureau Bookcase

A fine quality and well proportioned Chippendale period Figured Mahogany Bureau Bookcase of good colour and patina. The top section has fine glazing bars, and remarkably retains all of the original glass with a few hairline cracks.
The shaped, stepped interior fitted with an arrangement of small drawers having exceptionally fine dovetails and a central door in matched Mahogany with Harewood banding and box wood stringing. The door is flanked with flat pilasters with hare wood, Box wood stringing and fine Tulipwood banding. Exceptionally clean original Oak linings throughout. Locks , hinges, fittings all original with the exception of the lock to the fall. The base with cupboard doors inlaid with a sand shaded fan to the centre. The feet have had repairs to the base and the back board to the base section has been replaced otherwise the piece is in excellent original condition.
There are working keys to the fall, cabinet,
Cupboard and the interior door.
Having first class cabinetwork throughout, this is a fine piece of English country house Furniture.
Circa 1760

Price £5,500


Height = 227 cm (89.4″)
Width = 109 cm (42.9″)
Depth = 55 cm (21.7″)

DSC_0095 DSC_0105 DSC_0116 DSC_0146

18th Century Oak Box

A good honest 18th Century Oak Box dated 1768 and initialled W T. The front carved with V tooled tulips and decorated with punch work. Retaining original hinges and lock plate.

Price £850


Height = 22 cm (8.7″)
Width = 69 cm (27.2″)
Depth = 48 cm (18.9″)

DSC_0007 DSC_0017 DSC_0018

18th Century Mahogany Dumb Waiter

18th Century Mahogany Dumb Waiter of very good colour and patina, in excellent original condition even retaining the original casters.

Price £1,800


Height = 108 cm (42.5″)
Width = 61 cm (24.0″)
Depth = 61 cm (24.0″)

DSC_0028 DSC_0040

Small 17th Century Oak Coffer

A 17th Century Oak Coffer of small proportions in good clean original condition, having good colour and patina. The panels and top rails nicely carved with tulips. Clean inside and with wonderfully untouched dry surface, just as we like to see. Retaining the original ring hinges.

Price £1,600


Height = 51 cm (20.1″)
Width = 110 cm (43.3″)
Depth = 47 cm (18.5″)

DSC_1358 DSC_1363 DSC_1366

Large 18th Century Oak Gateleg Table

A large 18th Century Oak Gateleg Table of golden colour in good clean honest condition.
The top with typical 18th Century rule joint that still fits neatly together to form a good flat circular top. The base with gun barrel turned legs and Braganza feet.
A very smart period Table that will seat eight.

Price £3,800


Height = 72 cm (28.3″)
Width = 165 cm (65.0″)
Depth = 160 cm (63.0″)

DSC_1251 DSC_1263 DSC_1264

18th Century Mahogany Bureau

A fine quality 18th Century solid Mahogany Bureau of good colour and in good original condition, retaining the original handles, locks, hinges, escutcheons and standing on the original shaped bracket feet.
The nicely fitted interior with a central compartment having a door flanked with Columns, this has a wooden spring catch making it removable with secret drawers fitted behind. The interior drawers with finely cut dovetails and original axe drop handles. The ends fitted with original carrying handles as many quality examples were.
The original Oak drawer linings are in good clean condition and there are working keys to the fall and interior door.

Price £1,900


Height = 105 cm (41.3″)
Width = 92 cm (36.2″)
Depth = 54 cm (21.3″)

DSC_1273 DSC_0007 DSC_0017 DSC_0027