Hepplewhite Mahogany Armchair

A Fine and rare 18th Century Hepplewhite Armchair of superb design and craftsmanship. We believe this chair to have been made in the same workshop as the one described and photographed in Arther Negus book: going for a song. Negus talks of the skill of the carver ,the swags of drapery so light that they really look like material. The arms ,look at this little shaped arm here , carved with blue bell drops or husks. The result has been to reduce the arm from a massive heavy support into a slim graceful shape.
He talks of the amount of wood taken away to produce such a light elegant yet very strong chair. Note that the chair pictured in Negus book is missing its carved flowers at the top of the legs, these were probably damaged and then removed.   circa 1785

Price £2,600 SOLD

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