Fine Early 18th Century Walnut Chest On Stand

Early 18th Century Queen Anne Walnut Chest On Stand of absolutely superb colour and patina with matched walnut veneers and fine feather banding. In very good original condition with the original chased brass handles, remarkably having the original gilding still mostly intact. The canted fluted corners are in cross grain Walnut as are the mouldings. The drawer linings are made in Oak and are in good clean original condition. The applied cock bead to the edge of the shaped apron although worn is original. The shaped cabriole legs with slipper foot are replaced in perfect keeping with the design of the period.

Price £8,500


Height = 178 cm (70.1″)
Width = 106 cm (41.7″)
Depth = 53 cm (20.9″)

DSC_0217 DSC_0233 DSC_0239

Early 18th Century Oak Chest On Stand

Fine Early 18th Century Oak Chest On Stand of superb colour in outstanding original condition, with the original elegant cabriole legs to the base retaining the shaped and carved slipper foot. The handles are original and the drawer linings are in very good clean original condition, just as we like to see them. The drawers are banded with inlaid Walnut, they have a fine lip mould to the edge, a feature of the George I period. The apron is shaped with fine scrolls matching those on the ear pieces to the top of the cabriole legs. The top section of the ends are panelled and the back boards all original.

Price £3,800


Height = 164 cm (64.6″)
Width = 100 cm (39.4″)
Depth = 52 cm (20.5″)

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Early 18th Century Burr Walnut Chest On Stand


A fine 18th Century Queen Anne Burr Walnut Chest On Stand of the most outstanding colour and patina. The chased brass handles are original and untouched. The original drawer linings are made in Oak, they are wonderfully clean, just as we like to see them. The piece retains all but two of its original locks. The legs are replacements, they are the correct shape and design for the period and an excellent match for colour with the rest of the piece. The edge of the drawer fronts are finished with a banding of Burr Elm. The double bead to the framework around the drawer fronts is a typical feature of the Queen Anne period as are the chased brass handles.
A fabulous piece of English Walnut Furniture, it really glows.

Price £5,500 Sold



Height = 156 cm (61.4″)
Width = 104 cm (40.9″)
Depth = 55 cm (21.7″)

DSC_0037 copy DSC_0065 copy DSC_0076 copy DSC_0079 copy

17th Century Marquetry Chest On Stand

A fabulous and rare 17th Century Walnut and Marquetry Chest On Stand. The quality of the Marquetry work, especially the top, is superb and was obviously cut by the hand of a Master Craftsman of the highest order. It would be difficult to speculate regarding the maker, however we can say with some certainty that he would have been making furniture that adorned some of the finest houses of the period. The colour, patina and condition is very good, the drawer linings are original and made in pine. The legs, replaced later are absolutely correct for the period, they have now developed a good rich colour matching the rest of the piece. The more you stare at the finely cut marquetry in the top the more you start to see, birds and beasts in strikingly different woods are revealed.

£18,500 SOLD


Height = 130 cm (51.2″)
Width = 106 cm (41.7″)
Depth = 58 cm (22.8″)

DSC_0106_edit DSC_0121

18th Century Red Walnut Chest On Stand

A rare early 18th Century Solid Red Walnut Chest On Stand of good colour in very original condition with Walnut cross banding to the drawers and the original cabriole legs with carved feet. The handles are good period examples, we believe they have been replaced shortly after the piece was made as they are of the correct period with a patina surrounding them that you would not get if the handles were replaced later in the life of the piece. Looking at the small holes to the inside of the drawers we can see that the first handles fitted were of the weaker snipe fastening type and we believe
they may have been too weak for the large drawers so were replaced with the stronger nut and bolt type. Circa 1730.

Price £3,200 Sold


Height = 176 cm (69.3″)
Width = 109 cm (42.9″)
Depth = 59 cm (23.2″)

DSC_0704 DSC_0710

18th Century George II Red Walnut Chest On Stand

18th Century red Walnut Chest On Stand of good colour and small proportions, in very good original condition with original handles and cabriole legs.
A wonderful piece of English country Furniture in the kind of condition that we love to see.


Height = 159 cm (62.6″)
Width = 93 cm (36.6″)
Depth = 50 cm (19.7″)

Price £2,800 SOLD.

DSC_0223 DSC_0224 DSC_0227

17th Century Mulberry Chest On Stand

A rare and impressive late 17th Century Mulberry Chest On Stand in the manner of Coxed & Woster having very good colour and patina in burr Oak and Walnut with quarter veneered and feather banded top in Walnut. The later stand matches the top perfectly, the same timbers have been used and the design is correct for the period in every aspect.
Much has been written about the firm Coxed & Woster who made quite a lot of Mulberry Furniture from around 1690 to 1720. There were obviously other makers of Mulberry although very little has survived in anything like good condition. In the past pieces have been described as Mulberry when in fact they are just burr veneers of one wood or another. This piece is a true Mulberry in every sense of the word.
A piece with similar veneers was sold at Christies on the 8th of July 1999 , Lot 97.
There is an excellent article in Peg and ‘Tails by Jack Plane who in my opinion understands Mulberry far better than some others who have written on the subject.

Price £12,000 SOLD


Height = 149 cm (58.7″)
Width = 106 cm (41.7″)
Depth = 60 cm (23.6″)

DSC_1059 DSC_1069 DSC_1082


Fine Early 18th Century Walnut Chest On Stand

A fine and excellently proportioned Walnut chest on stand from the George 1st period with matched figured walnut veneers and canted inlaid corners. The very nicely carved cabriolet legs have been replaced in keeping with the period some time ago. The Oak linings are in good clean condition. The condition of the chest is very good and lovely faded honey colour. SOLD.

Price £4,800

DSC_1488 DSC_1499 DSC_1511 DSC_1524 DSC_1507 DSC_1496