Fine 18th Century Mahogany Bureau Bookcase

A fine quality and well proportioned Chippendale period Figured Mahogany Bureau Bookcase of good colour and patina. The top section has fine glazing bars, and remarkably retains all of the original glass with a few hairline cracks.
The shaped, stepped interior fitted with an arrangement of small drawers having exceptionally fine dovetails and a central door in matched Mahogany with Harewood banding and box wood stringing. The door is flanked with flat pilasters with hare wood, Box wood stringing and fine Tulipwood banding. Exceptionally clean original Oak linings throughout. Locks , hinges, fittings all original with the exception of the lock to the fall. The base with cupboard doors inlaid with a sand shaded fan to the centre. The feet have had repairs to the base and the back board to the base section has been replaced otherwise the piece is in excellent original condition.
There are working keys to the fall, cabinet,
Cupboard and the interior door.
Having first class cabinetwork throughout, this is a fine piece of English country house Furniture.
Circa 1760

Price £5,500


Height = 227 cm (89.4″)
Width = 109 cm (42.9″)
Depth = 55 cm (21.7″)

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Early 18th Century Oak Bureau Bookcase

A wonderful and well proportioned early 18th century Oak Bureau Bookcase of superb colour and patina.
In Fabulous original condition with original handles, escutcheons , pin hinges to the double doors and most of the original locks too. The interiors fitted with bookshelves small drawers and pigeon holes. The drawer linings made in Oak, remain in remarkable clean original condition throughout.
Interestingly one of the sides of the top section is neatly fretted with S shapes, it is hard to say weather this is original to the piece.

Price £3,800


Height = 204 cm (80.3″)
Width = 94 cm (37.0″)
Depth = 59 cm (23.2″)

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18th Century Oak Bureau Bookcase

A very good 18th Century Oak Bureau Bookcase of fabulous colour and patina of pleasing small proportions. A banding of contrasting wood has been inlaid around the drawer fronts ,fall and doors, even the original feet are most unusually inlaid. The interior is centred with a door surrounded with inlaid sun burst, the whole section can be removed to reveal secret drawers behind. The handles to the exterior are replaced. This is a lovely example of English country furniture in very original condition.

Price £3,400


Height = 192 cm (75.6″)
Width = 94 cm (37.0″)
Depth = 52 cm (20.5″)

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17th Century Burr Walnut Bureau Cabinet

This is an exceptionally well figured William & Mary Burr Walnut Bureau Cabinet of good colour and patina in remarkable original order. The Oak drawer linings are in lovely clean original condition. The handles we believe must have been replaced shortly after the piece was made as they are fine quality examples of the period, we initially thought the handles were original but on close inspection you can make out a trace of a snipe fastening that has been fitted through the same hole. Adam Bowett talks of the type of handle fitted here with the knuckle joint and nut fixing as being superior to the basic snipe fastening that were much more common. The carrying handles, hinges and interior brass knobs are original, the bun feet are replaced. This is a rare late 17th Century Walnut Cabinet of the finest quality with well fitted shaped interiors, wonderful secret drawers, feather banding and particularly well chosen Burr Walnut matched veneers throughout.

Price £26,000

Height = 208 cm (81.9″)
Width = 96 cm (37.8″)
Depth = 61 cm (24.0″)

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ITEM # SA616676 Fine 18th Century Mahogany Bureau Bookcase

A Superb quality 18th Century solid Mahogany Bureau Bookcase made from the finest cuban Mahogany and of exceptional colour in untouched original condition. The ornate handles, locks and ogee bracket feet are all original. The linings are in Oak, they are in wonderful clean original condition. The dental cornice is a quality feature, it sits nicely above the fretted freeze.

Price £6,500


Height = 221 cm (87.0″)
Width = 107 cm (42.1″)
Depth = 61 cm (24.0″)

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Early 18th Century Walnut Bureau Bookcase

A Fine Queen Anne Double Dome Walnut Bureau Bookcase with figured matched Walnut veneer and feather banding throughout. The fall opens to reveal a wonderful quality shaped and stepped interior with a sliding well to the centre. The central door is flanked by Columns with brass to the base and caps. The mirror plates are bevelled and are old replacements as are the handles. The linings are in Oak, they are in clean condition and original throughout as is the exterior. The Bookcase is the classic Queen Anne design with double domed top. It is a rich warm honey colour and the proportions work particularly well.

Price £16,000

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Queen Anne Walnut Bureau Cabinet

A fine and rare early 18th Century Walnut Bureau Cabinet in figured walnut having superb colour and patina with original glass plates. The drawer linings are in oak, they are wonderfully clean and completely original. The cabinet interior is fitted with the most amazing arrangement of drawers with a shaped door to the centre. The bookcase has been made in three sections which is consistent with many of the finest quality examples of the period. The interior of the middle section contains some nicely made secret drawers. The back boards are all original.
We have not seen an interior quite like this before, it was probably specially commissioned for a wealthy customer who was possibly Lord of the Manner at Nowton.
The quality of the craftsmanship and unique interior along with the selection of superbly figured veneers suggest that this piece was an important commission.
This bookcase was owned by the Oakes Family of Nowton Court. The cheque book of Mrs Oakes is inside the bookcase along with quite remarkably the original architects drawing of Nowton court on linen with the name J H Porteus Oakes and a later updated drawing with the name James Oakes. The address on the book was Breckey Ley (formerly called Brakeley House) It forms part of the wider Nowton Estate. This was in the ownership of the Oakes family for over 150 years. Breckey Ley was built around 1880 as the dower house for Nowton Court and occupied by the family ever since.
Henry James Oakes (born 1796 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; died 1875 in Nowton, Suffolk) was an English first-class cricketer. He is recorded as a batsman for Cambridge University in one match in 1819, totalling 6 runs with a highest score of 5 not out.[1]
Oakes’ family lived at Nowton Court, Nowton, Suffolk, near Bury St Edmunds. He was educated at Reading School, Bury St Edmunds Grammar School and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He inherited Nowton Court in 1837 and became lord of the manorof Nowton.[2] He was head of his family’s bank, Oakes, Bevan & Co. (later Oakes, Bevan, Tollemache & Co., taken over in 1900 by Capital and Counties Bank, which was acquired by Lloyds Bank in 1918[3]). He was mayor of Bury St Edmunds in 1844 and High Sheriff of Suffolk in 1847.[4]

Price £22,000

Mahogany Bureau Bookcase

A fine and rare early 18th century Mahogany bureau bookcase of small proportions. In original condition Retaining the original handles, locks, hinges and shaped bracket feet. The bookcase is made in quality solid Cuban Mahogany with drawer linings in beach wood. It has a nicely made fitted interior note how delicate the divisions are.

77″ high
30″ wide
19″ deep

Price £9,500 SOLD

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Queen Ann Oak Bureau Bookcase

Lovely Queen Ann bureau bookcase of pleasing small proportions and rich honey colour. The interior of the piece is very well fitted . The top section has no divisions missing or replaced as is often the case.


35″ wide

Price £3,200 Sold

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Oak Bureau Bookcase

A fine Gorge 1st oak Bureau bookcase of handsome proportions ,fine shaped inside with various secret draws. shaped fielded panel outer doors and lovely quartered fluted columns top and bottom.

Circa 1730

price £2850 SOLD

42″ wide
20″ deep
84″ high

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