About Us

David Holmes has over the years developed a reputation in the antique trade as one of the countries leading experts in early English walnut and oak furniture.  His son Christian is the 4th generation of the family to deal in antique furniture in Haworth.


David took the decision many years ago not to become involved in any of the antique dealer organisations that were springing up. Instead deciding to focus on his own reputation and expertise to guarantee the quality and originality of his stock. Today we are proud of our antiques. We always strive to buy quality. The colour and patina is very important to us and of course the originality of the piece. We always give detailed descriptions of any repairs or replacements. You can rest assured that when you buy a piece from us the piece is exactly as we describe it.


Understanding the period of a piece is, we believe, vital. This involves knowing the different methods of construction used at each given period in the history of English furniture, understanding the fashion of the day influences the design of the furniture and the type of wood used to construct it.  You must ask yourself what era does the piece preport to belong too. Then once this is established it must be viewed carefully as it may be of later construction. Only when it is established that the piece is of the period can you begin to examine it for repairs and replacements.


We hope you enjoy viewing our stock of selected English furniture as must as we enjoy finding it.